Kit Pricing

                                  5' Standard          6' Large

Solid Color                      $71                    $99

Print                                 $81                    $109       

Camouflage                   $91                     $119

Princess                         $101                    $129       


Shipping - Free in the contiguous 48 states by FedEx Ground Home Delivery. We also ship Free to a business address by FedEx Ground if that is desirable.


Cutting and sewing the teepee requires skill and experience but many people have the capability to do the woodwork and assembly. We'll provide printed instructions with illustrations. Following is a list of what would be required:

1. Access to Lowe's for their Top Choice pine 8' 1x2's. This is nominal size & actual measurement is 3/4" x 1 1/2". Don't use wood that is larger than this - it won't fit in the leg sleeve. Other sources can be used but you'll need to do a lot more sanding, hole filling, etc. and you may not be pleased with the finished teepee. Trust us on this - if we didn't have good quality wood available through Lowe's, we'd either be charging a lot more for the teepees,  selling only kits, or not making them at all. They cost about $1.

You'll want to select wood that is dense, hard, straight, free of cracks, large knots, exposed pitch pockets, etc. We purchase 1x2's in large quantities and let them age for a few weeks, then return the ones that decided to twist, curve, crack or develop other problems. When we cut them, we try to ensure that the exposed ends (12" at the top and 6" at the bottom) are free of major visual defects.

2. Miter, chop, or radial arm saw for cutting the material to length. Hand saw and miter box can also be used.

3. Belt sander. Hand sanding will also work but unless you find premium wood, this may take more time than you want. We finish approx. 12" at the top and 5" at the bottom of each leg so that there are no sharp edges, rough spots, splinters, etc. that could hurt a child or adult. Sometimes wood filler is used in knot holes, gouges, etc.We finish the rest of the leg so that there are no rough areas or splinters that would catch when we insert the leg into the fabric sleeve and round over the edges if they're sharp. We also bevel the ends, top and bottom, so there are no sharp corners. You can paint or seal the legs if you wish - we've done some custom orders that way.

4. Drill press or electric drill with 5/16" bit. You'll drill a hole approx. 5 3/4" from the top for the provided 3/16" nylon cord we furnish with the kit. We stack them and drill all the legs at the same time so the holes will line up. We debur this hole and sand it to remove any splinters or sharp corners. We also drill a hole approx. 1" from the end of the bottom in case the user wants to stake it down for outside use. Check out the optional Tie-Down Kit for more details.

5. Iron. The teepee is shipped folded so with most fabrics, you'll want to iron it prior to assembly.

6. Staple gun. We use a manual Powershot stapler with 3/8" T50 staples to secure the fabric to the legs, top and bottom, on both sides and the outside edge. Upholstery tacks might work. We pull the fabric tight when stapling so it doesn't sag and look sloppy.

7. Now you're ready to insert the provided cord through the leg holes and tie it off with a square knot. This adds strength to the teepee. Just spread out the legs and your teepee is ready for play!


If you're willing and able, you'll save money and i

t might be a fun project for the child/children to participate in, too!


Teepee Accessories

Tie-Down Kit

Each teepee leg has a hole drilled near the bottom. Tie a loop of cord, then use the hard plastic tent stake to secure each leg. This will prevent the teepee from blowing over and is flush to the ground to help avoid children tripping. The photo below shows a staked teepee. Do it yourself or purchase our kit for $5. We'll provide 4 or 5 cords and stakes depending on the teepee you purchase.